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Windermere derives its name from that largest of the English Lakes which was anciently called Wynandermere, together with its islands, tarns, fisheries, inns, and regattas, and exquisite scenery, which latter must be seen to be duly appreciated. This interesting parish is about 10 miles in length and 4 in breadth, and is bounded on the west and south by Lancashire, on the north by Grasmere parish, and on the east by Kendal parish. It has no village of its own name, but contains part of Ambleside, and three other townships, of which the following is an enumeration, with the returns of the number of inhabitants in 1801, 1811, and 1821, and the estimated annual value of the lands and buildings, in 1815:





Annual Value £







































= Of the Inhabitants of AMBLESIDE TOWNSHIP 394 were returned in 1811, as belonging to this Parish, but they are all included with Grasmere Parish.

* Undermilbeck includes WINSTER, in Kendal Parish, being united with it for the support of paupers.

BOWNESS, the capital of this parish, is a small but neat market town, in Undermilbeck township, charmingly situated near the center of the eastern shore of Windermere Lake in a small bay, 8 ½ miles WNW. of Kendal, 6 miles S. by E. of Ambleside, and 5 miles E. by S. of Hawkshead. It is the chief port on the lake, and has a few fishing vessels, a number of pleasure boats, and a trade in charcoal and slate. From its admirable situation it is much frequented by tourists, and has excellent accommodations for them in two good inns, the White Lion and the Crown, as well as in lodgings. A small market, principally for flesh, is held every Wednesday, and a fair was formerly held on the 18th of October, but is now obsolete. The PARISH CHURCH, dedicated to St. Martin, is an antique edifice with a square tower, four bells, and a large and curiously painted east window, the coloured glass of which was brought from Furness Abbey. All the pews are free except four belonging to the principal owners of the parish. Amongst the mural tablets are several handsome ones of modern date, especially that in memory of the late learned Bishop of Landaff, who was interred here in 1816, aged 79. In the midst of all his fame to which his talents raised him, Bishop Watson never forgot his humble origin; and his contempt for human distinctions is sufficiently indicated by his choice of this humble resting place, and the inscription which merely records his name, age, and death. For the services he rendered to the cause of science and of truth, and for the example he set as an independent bishop and an honest man, his memory will be ever revered. The Church was formerly only a Chapel of Ease under Kendal church, "and in token of subjection, the rector pays to this day an annual pension of 13s. 4d. to the vicar of Kendal." The rectory, valued in the King’s books at £24 6s. 8d., was certified at 78l. viz. "parsonage house and land, 30l.; compositions, tithes of wool and lamb, and other small tithes, 44l ; and surplice fees, 4l." deducting for the receiver of the crown rents £1 13s. 4d., and for the vicar of Kendal 13s. 4d. The advowson continued in the crown till the 7th of Elizabeth, when it was granted to William Herbert and John Jenkins, to hold in free soccage as of the manor of East Greenwich. After several conveyances, it was purchased by Sir William Fleming, Bart., who bequeathed it to his four daughters, so that Lady le Fleming and three others nominate in turns to the rectory, which is now enjoyed by the Rev. Sir Richard Fleming, Bart., for whom the Rev. John Fleming, M.A. officiates. The rector has a "prescription of so much a boat, in lieu of all the tithe fish caught in the lake," which is divided into twelve fisheries. The parsonage is occupied by Edward Swinburn, gentleman, and has about forty acres of glebe, reaching from the house to the water side. There are a number of neat and picturesque villas in the parish as will be seen in the subjoined Directory. Bowness FREE SCHOOL, for the boys of Undermilbeck and Applethwaite townships, is endowed with about 50l. a year, arising from land purchased with voluntary contributions. The school was built by subscription, about 1637, and is governed by four trustees and ten feoffees. The ancient Shrove tide custom of paying cock pennies and fighting cocks is still continued at this seminary, not much to its credit, but perhaps the brutal sport is kept up as the only license the master has for receiving the expected annual largesses.

APPLETHWAITE township comprises all the lake, and a great part of the parish lying north of Bowness, and east of Troutbeck. It contains two bobbin mills, with Orrest-Head, Elleray, Rayrigg, Birthwaite, The Wood, Calgarth Park, Belle Isle, and several other pleasant villas, and the districts called DROOMER, ORREST, EANING, and the Common. The houses are all scattered, and have a picturesque appearance. The manor is of the Richmond fee, and the Earl of Lonsdale is its lord. CALGARTH, anciently called Calf-garth, was for many generations the principal seat of the ancient family of Philipson. The late worthy Dr. Watson, Bishop of Landaff, in 1789 commenced building his beautiful seat called Calgarth Park, which is now occupied by his relict and daughter, and is well shaded with wood, partly planted by the bishop’s own hand.

BELLMOND-GROUND, a hamlet 2 miles SE. of Bowness.

CLEARBARROW, a hamlet in Undermilbeck, 1 ½ mile e. by S. of Bowness.

DROOMER, a district in Applethwaite, 1 ¼ mile NE. of Bowness.

LINDETH, a hamlet in Undermilbeck, 1 ½ mile SSE. of Bowness.

LOW-WOOD INN, in Ambleside township, 4 ½ miles N. by W. of Bowness, delightfully situated on a small bay, from which the head of Windermere opens out magnificently, with Brathay Park, and the valley of Great Langdale beyond, and a fine assemblage of mountains in the back ground. Many visitors make this excellent inn their quarters for some time. Petty Sessions are held here on the first Tuesday in every month.

MATSON- GRAND, a hamlet in Undermilbeck, 1 m. W. of Bowness.

ORREST, a district in Applethwaite, 1 ½ mile NNE. Of Bowness.

TROUTBECK township and chapelry, occupies a deep and picturesque vale, watered by a rivulet, from which it has its name, and which rises at the foot of High-Street mountain, and flows southward to Windermere. The village, or rather string of hamlets, bears the names of Town-End, Town-Head, High-Green, Cragg, and High-Fold, and is distant from 3 to 4 miles N. by E. of Bowness, and SE. of Ambleside. The CHAPEL stands below the village, near the rivulet. It was consecrated by the name of Jesus Chapel in 1562, for the use of the inhabitants of Troutbeck and Applethwaite, and was thoroughly repaired in 1828. The curacy is in the gift of the Rector of Windermere, and incumbency of the Rev. Wm. Sewell, of Ambleside, for whom the Rev. Jonathan Sewell officiates. The 1747, 1756, and 1773 it received certain sums of Queen Anne’s Bounty amounting to £600, which, with £200 given the latter year by the Countess Dowager Gower, was laid out in the purchase of two estates in Yorkshire, one in Kent, and the other at Marthwaite-Foot, near Sedbergh. About 1826 it was augmented with £400 of Queen Anne’s Bounty, and it has various donations amounting to 75l., vested in the Ambleside turnpike. The School, adjoining the chapel, taught by the sub-curate, was built in 1639, and has a small endowment. Troutbeck Park, which has been long disparked, is an estate of 2,000 acres, in which Mr. David Huddlestone, raises large quantities of fine blue slate. The township is divided into three divisions, called Hundreds, each of which has 600 cattle gates, of two acres each, on the extensive common, and had a common bull, constable, and bridge, from which it was wittily said "Troutbeck has three hundred bulls, three hundred constables, and three hundred bridges." It has now only one constable. From the elevated parts of the road near Troutbeck bridge, splendid views of the lake are obtained, and of the following mountains, viz. Coniston-Old-Man, Tilberthwaite Fell, Wrynose, Great Cove, Scawfell Pikes, Bow Fell, Great Gavel, Langdale Pikes, Loughrigg Fell, and Fairfield. Hugh Hird, the Troutbeck Giant, was, according to the fabulous tales of tradition, a man of wonderful strength and appetite, who, at the building of Kentmere Hall, lifted a beam, which ten men tried in vain to move, and when sent by Lord Dacre with a message to the king, he astonished the royal household by eating up a whole sheep to his dinner, having previously ordered it to be cooked for him, under the name of "the sunny-side of a wether." Spying-How, and Woundale Raise, are supposed to be British Sepulchers, but the heap of stones at the former has been removed.

UNDERMILBECK township comprises the town of Bowness, and the hamlets of Undermilbeck Stocks, Lindeth, Bellmond-Ground, Cleabarrow, and Matson-Grand, with many dispersed seats and farmhouses. The manor being of the Richmond Fee, like the rest of the parish, is held under the Earl of Lonsdale. Storrs Hall stands on a promontory above the lake, and was built by the late Sir John Legard, Bart., but has been greatly improved by its present owner, John Bolton, Esq. The Common was enclosed in 1813. Winster chapelry is united with this township.

WATERHEAD, in Ambleside township.



POSTMASTER, Mr. John Ulloch, White Lion Inn.

A Horse Post from Troutbeck-Bridge, with letters from all parts, arrives at 8 morning and is despatched at half-past 6 evening daily.

*.* Marked 1 reside at Bellmond Ground; 2, at Cleabarrow; 3, a Lindeth; 4, at Matson Grand; 5, at Undermilbeck Stocks; and those without names of places are at Bowness.


Airey Thomas, blacksmith

Aitkin Robert, vict. Crown Inn

Allen William, surgeon

Atkinson James, saddler

3 Atkinson Robert, basket maker

Balmer Thos. joiner & boat builder

Barrow Roger, grocer, draper, bookseller, oil and paint dealer, etc.

Barrow Robert, joiner

Barrow Robert, joiner and boat builder

Barton Miss Jane

Bellasis Mrs. Charlotte, Holly hill

3 Benson John Stewardson, basket maker

3 Benson Thomas, wheelwright

Boadley Benjamin, tailor

Bolton John, Esq. Storrs hall

Butcher Captain Wm. Wain

Carpenter Hon. Elizabeth

Christian Miss Mary, Cottage

Collinson John, gentleman, Brant fell

Collinson Robert, gent. Fall-barrow

Coulston Sarah, milliner, dress & straw hat maker

Crosstead Joseph, parish clerk & schoolmaster

Dickinson Robert, painter & glazier

Dixon Miles, stonemason

Eccles Charles, shoe & clog maker

Elliott Wm. sawyer, Helm

1 Erving John, wheelwright & joiner

Fell Eleanor, lodgings

Fisher Mary, dress maker

Garnett Anthony, gentleman

Garnett Wm. gent. Bowness cottage

5 Garnett Wm. corn miller

Greaves Robt. Esq. (magistrate) Ferney green

Gregg George, baker & flour dealer

Gregg Barnard, grocer, draper, and British wine dlr.

Hancock Wm. joiner, Laurel cottage, Storrs

Hartley Robert, shoe & clog maker

Martin Nicholas, shoe and clog maker

Martin Mary, grocer

3 Martindale Wm. maltster, High mill

Pickthall Robert, land agent to John Bolton, Esq. Middle Farm cottage

Procter Mr. Thomas

Rigg James, grocer

Robinson George, joiner and lodgings

4 Robinson John, assistant overseer

Robinson Geo. Stonemason

Robinson Mrs. Matilda

Robinson John, joiner and wheelwright, and boat builder

Rubottom Thomas, baker and flour dealer

Starkie Capt. Jas. Bowness villa

Suart Edmund, shoe & clog maker

Swainson Wm. tailor and draper

Swinburn Edward, gentleman, Parsonage

Taylor Miss Isabella Agnes

Thompson Alexander, Esq. Belfield

Ullock John, White Lion Inn and posting-house

3 Walker Ricd. Blacksmith

Wilson Rd. Green, surgeon



Thus * are Yeomen.


5 Abbey William

2 Barrow John, Low house

*Benson Joseph, Bellmond houses

*Chamley Wm. Lickbarrow

Clarke Thos. sen. Helm

Clarke Thos. Brant fell

Cloudsdale Braithwaite, Old field

2* Collinson Peter

1* Dixon Thomas

*Elleray Geo. Lickbarrow

*Elleray John, Heathwaite

*Fleming John, Black moss

5 Garnett Edward

4 Gaskarth Joseph

2 Hadwen John

4 Hartley James

Huck John, Lickbarrow

Longmire James, Barker knott

3 Moon James

3 Storey Anthony

*Suart Wm. (and wharf owner) Bell’s field

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Marked 1 reside at Droomer; 2, Orrest; and 3, Troutbeck Bridge.

2 Braithwaite John, Esq. chief constable, and teasurer to the Kendal Ward, Orrest head

Curwen Henry C. Esq. Belle Isle

Elliott John, Esq. The Wood

Fleming Rev. John, M.A. curate of Bowness and rector of Bootle, Rayrigg

Gardner Geo. Esq. barrister, Birthwaite

3 Holme Edw. Blacksmith

3 Lishman James & Co. bobbin mfrs. Thick Holme mill

3 Lishman James, drawing and dancing master

3 Lishman Margaret, grocer

Parker Miss Ann, St. Catharines

1 Robinson Wm. stonemason

3 Taylor Richd. Bobbin mfr.

3 Tyson Henry, vict. Sun and joiner, etc.

Watson Mrs. & Miss Dorothy, Calgarth park

Wilson John, Esq. professor of moral & natural philosophy at the college Edinburgh, Elleray

Wilson Captain John, Esq. R.N. Howe



Thus * are Yeomen.


*Barrow Roger, Droomer style

*Benson John, Crosses

*Birkett Thomas, Eaning

Blalock John, Browhead

*Braithwaite Ishmael, Orrest

Brown Geo. Jun. Bought

Clark Daniel and Thomas, Allishow

*Crosthwaite John, Birthwaite

Dixon Thomas, Mislet

Elland Thomas, Borrands

*Fell Christopher, Common

Gardner George

Grisdale Joseph, Orrest head

*Hutchinson Isaac, Common

*Longmire ---, Orrest

*Longmire John, Longmire

Moore John, Borrands

Mounsey Wm. Limefit

Rawlinson Rowland, Calgarth park

Rigg John, Borrands

Rigg Wm. Longmire

Robinson Benjamin, Eaning

Suart John, Long green head

Taylor George, Eaning

Thexton Wm. Banrigg

Todd George, Holehird

*Warrener Robert, Orrest

Wilson John, Cookshouse

Wren Thomas, Droomer


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Marked 1 reside at Cragg; 2, High Green; 3, High Fold; 4, Town End; and 5, Town Head.

Birkett Geo. Farrier, Midtown

1 Bolton John, chapel clerk

Brownrigg Geo. Wheelwright, Wilsons

Crosthwaite Robert, vict. Mortal man, Whitehouse

3 Dixon James, tailor

1 Hayton Geo. corn miller

5 Hayton Thomas, wheelwright

Huddlestone David, slate quarry proprietor, Trout beck park

Lancaster A. grocer, Lane

Lancaster Henry, shoemaker, Miles lane foot

Longmire George, butcher, Troutbeck bridge

Levens Wm. blacksmith, Longmire yate

Sewell Rev. Jonathan, subcurate and schoolmaster

Slater Edmund, grocer

Storey Thomas, stonemason



Thus * are Yeomen.


Barnett Joseph, Nook

2* Benson Thomas

*Benson Wm. Court sike

5 Birkett Braithwaite

Birkett Dorothy, Brow foot

*Birkett John, Brow foot

5* Birkett William

4* Brown George

5 Crosthwaite Robert

1* Dawson James

1* Dawson John

2* Dixon Joshua

*Dixon John, High town

Fleming John, Eccle rigg

Forrest Elizabeth, Low fold

2 Forrest Matthew

2 Forrest Edward

1* Longmire Elizabeth

4 Lowther Hugh

3* Mackreth Thomas

3* Mounsey Elizabeth

*Pool Strickland, Slack foot

Storey Richard, Beck foot

Thompson Thos. Troutbeck park

Thwaite Thos. Low house

1 Warrener Robert

Wilson Agnes, Droomer mere

4* Wilson Nicholas



See Bowness.



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